The Untitled

In this world full of mysterious
Even though Life is suspicious
Single  tick of clock might be your end
Those can be happen, time want to blend

Ego wants to play the edge
Journey tricks with the bridge
Road steps on the wind
Ways take time to bind

Smile won’t be the last
Belief might show fast
Sorrow will be in breeze
Don’t waste time to freeze

Arts will be yours
Just paint the hours
Follow the bounty direction
Feel the moves creation

Rose Salv


Just by the Window

In everyday life activities , There are more things hide behind the treasures , just by the window, see glamorous nature,in every mood there’s a clap of change of wind.

Day by Day, I saw a cat by the window, that suddenly think deeply,play with their tail, wash their self. Such a simple life to adore the special movement of lovely cat.

Rose Salv

The Point

Every Individuals leads for living survivals. In life their shall be satisfaction for deeds, remain in simple way.In the end, comes with change of wind.

Rose Salv